The [[ and $ operators provide "shortcuts" for accessing objects in the simulation environment. I.e., instead of using envir(sim)$object or envir(sim)[["object"]], one can simply use sim$object or sim[["object"]].

objs(sim, ...)

# S4 method for simList
objs(sim, ...)

objs(sim) <- value

# S4 method for simList
objs(sim) <- value



A simList object from which to extract element(s) or in which to replace element(s).


passed to ls


objects to assign to the simList


Returns or sets a list of objects in the simList environment.


objs can take ... arguments passed to ls, allowing, e.g. all.names=TRUE objs<- requires takes a named list of values to be assigned in the simulation environment.

See also

SpaDES.core-package(), specifically the section 1.2.1 on Simulation Parameters.

Other functions to access elements of a 'simList' object: .addDepends(), doEvent.checkpoint(), envir(), events(), globals(), inputs(), modules(), packages(), params(), paths(), progressInterval(), times()