Loading a simList from file can be problematic as there are non-standard objects that must be rebuilt. See description in saveSimList() for details.

unzipSimList is a convenience wrapper around unzip and loadSimList where all the files are correctly identified and passed to loadSimList(..., otherFiles = xxx). See zipSimList for details.

loadSimList(filename, paths = getPaths(), otherFiles = "")

unzipSimList(zipfile, load = TRUE, paths = getPaths(), ...)



Character giving the name of a saved simulation file. Currently, only file types .qs or .rds are supported.


A list of character vectors for all the simList paths. When loading a simList, this will replace the paths of everything to these new paths. Experimental still.


A character vector of (absolute) file names locating each of the existing file-backed Raster* files that are the real paths for the possibly incorrect paths in Filenames(sim) if the the file being read in is from a different computer, path, or drive. This could be the output from unzipSimList (which is calls loadSimList internally, passing the unzipped filenames)


Filename of a zipped simList


Logical. If TRUE, the default, then the simList will also be loaded into R.


passed to unzip


  • loadSimList(): A simList object.

  • unzipSimList(): Either a character vector of file names unzipped (if load = FALSE), or a simList object.


If cache is used, it is likely that it should be trimmed before zipping, to include only cache elements that are relevant.