Because a simList works with an environment to hold all objects, all objects within that slot are pass-by-reference. That means it is not possible to simply copy an object with an assignment operator: the two objects will share the same objects. As one simList object changes so will the other. when this is not the desired behaviour, use this function. NOTE: use capital C, to limit confusion with data.table::copy() See reproducible::Copy().

# S4 method for simList
Copy(object, objects, queues, ...)



An R object (likely containing environments) or an environment.


Whether the objects contained within the simList environment should be copied. Default TRUE, which may be slow.


Logical. Should the events queues (events, current, completed) be deep copied via data.table::copy


Only used for custom Methods


simList objects can contain a lot of information, much of which could be in pass-by-reference objects (e.g., data.table class), and objects that are file-backed, such as some Raster*-class objects. For all the objects that are file-backed, it is likely very important to give unique file-backed directories. This should be passed here, which gets passed on to the many methods of Copy in reproducible.


Eliot McIntire